Networking opportunities abound at NOVAworks. By increasing your network you increase your job opportunities!

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Weekly Meeting

Join other NOVAworks members to share your successes, ask for leads, practice your job search skills, network, and learn from knowledgeable guest speakers.

Connections Tips

Being helpful to others is one of the best ways to network. Is there a tool, tip, or resource that has been helpful to you during your job search? Sign up to share your tip or industry knowledge with other job seekers at an upcoming Connections weekly meeting.

Monthly Mixer

Attend monthly networking events to meet with NOVAworks members and working alumni to build connections and open the doors to job opportunities.

Success Teams

Meet weekly with a group of fellow job seekers to discuss your job search, set goals, be held accountable for following through, and build support and friendships during your job search.

How to Access Services

  • 70+% of jobs are filled through networking. (TechJury , 2021)
  • 75% of resumes are rejected by ATS before the hiring manager sees them. ( FinanceOnline , 2021)
  • 85% of open job positions are filled through networking. (FinanceOnline , 2021)

Attend NOVAworks' networking workshops and participate in Connections to learn to maximize your networking opportunities.